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Agrarvis is Europe's leading provider of C02 certificate trading as a holding.


average return


hectares in Europe


Years of experience in forestry


tons of CO2 savings

Henning: Hallo, ich bin Henning, Ihr Ansprechpartner für Unternehmenskommunikation bei Agrarvis. Ich bin hier, um zu helfen.

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The Austrian Agricultural Vis

Österreichische Agrarvis now offers you the opportunity for a top participation: First-class financially, ecologically and socially responsible. With the purchase of certified tree stocks from Germany, Austria, Scotland and Finland, you make a concrete contribution to mitigating climate change and to securing and expanding regional forest stocks.

All the advantages of this unique participation

  • Yields of up to 9-9.5% and more possible

  • Stock market-independent real asset investment

  • Maximum security through the purchase of the areas 

  • Guaranteed growth even in times of crisis

  • Variable terms, inexpensive entry

Forest & CO2 direct investments from the Austrian market leader

Analysts confirm that forestry investments are the best asset class with the best risk/reward ratio. The numbers are impressive. For more than 25 years, investors have been achieving average returns of over 10% per year with forests and the associated CO2 certificates - and with the highest level of security.

About Us

Over 5 years Agrarvis

The forestry and energy cooperative Agrarvis is now in its 6th year of existence. The first forest was acquired and managed even earlier, in 2013. Since then we have grown into a leading provider of various investments in the regional forest.


In figures, for Agrarvis this means over 2,500,000 trees planted and over 7,500 hectares of its own forest area. The CO2 bound in it is sufficient to make a city with over 125,000 inhabitants such as Salzburg, Innsbruck or Klagenfurt climate-neutral for a whole year. At the same time, Agrarvis attaches great importance to ecologically sustainable forestry, which is tested and certified by the FSC every year.

In the last ten years, Agrarvis has not only planted and managed forests, but also by trading in sustainably produced wood and entering into emissions trading with the allocated CO2 certificates, a sustainable and secure financial product for private investors with a steady return of 9 - 9.5% pa created.

Offers and participation opportunities

Timber III

  • Diversification through EU forest portfolio

  • >9-9.5% p.a. target return (base value after costs)

  • Active management by the experienced Agrarvis Investment Team

Energy Italy

  • Indirect financing of the expansion of renewable energies in Emilia Romagna

  • 6% p.a. fixed interest rate

  • Short term of only 1 year

  • Investment strategy with a clear focus on sustainability

Timber Nordics I

  • Indirect financing of the expansion of renewable energies in Denmark and Sweden

  • 7.5% p.a. fixed rate

  • Short term of only 2 years

  • Investment strategy with a clear focus on sustainability

press reviews

Screenshot 2023-05-17 at 2.50.55 PM.png
"Wood investments are finding more and more followers"
Screenshot 2023-05-17 at 2.52.03 PM.png
"Green returns - wood as an investment"
Screenshot 2023-05-17 at 2.52.27 PM.png
"Prime class among raw materials"
Screenshot 2023-05-17 at 2.51.36 PM.png
"Forest funds bring long- 
substantial gains in the short term"

"Throughout my career in forestry, payments for ecosystem services have been discussed and explored, but there have never been accessible avenues for smaller investors. Agrarvis is now making this possible."

- consulting forest engineer
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