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We cultivate growth


Over 5 years Agrarvis

Forest can serve as a permanent anchor of stability in your portfolio, surviving crises, wars and inflation.


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Maximum quality and transparency

The forestry and energy cooperative Agrarvis is now in its 6th year of existence. The first forest was acquired and managed even earlier, in 2013. Since then we have grown into a leading provider of various investments in the regional forest.


In figures, for Agrarvis this means over 2,500,000 trees planted and over 7,500 hectares of its own forest area. The CO2 bound in it is sufficient to make a city with over 125,000 inhabitants such as Salzburg, Innsbruck or Klagenfurt climate-neutral for a whole year. At the same time, Agrarvis attaches great importance to ecologically sustainable forestry, which is tested and certified by the FSC every year.

In the last ten years, Agrarvis has not only planted and managed forests, but also by trading in sustainably produced wood and entering into emissions trading with the allocated CO2 certificates, a sustainable and secure financial product for private investors with a steady return of 9 - 9.5% p.a. created. 


However, as pleased as we are with our successes to date, we will not be resting on our laurels. Rather, what we have achieved spurs us on to continue on the path we have chosen with commitment and energy. This is characterized by a corporate philosophy that focuses on the highest quality and transparency. We are proud to report that all forests have developed according to forecasts so far.


The management of the Agrarvis forest and energy cooperative organizes the reforestation and the marketing of the forest products and the CO2 certificates within the EU.

The Agrarvis Group thus produces high-quality construction and furniture wood from its own forests, whose ecologically sustainable management is financially secured over the entire growth period.

We cultivate growth

In the mid-2000s, the first pilot forestry projects began in Vorarlberg, as the region proved to be particularly suitable for this: the soil and climatic conditions in the Rhine plain are ideal.


The economic and political stability that has prevailed in Austria since joining the EU more than 25 years ago – including the linguistic proximity to Germany and Switzerland – ensures the growth of your assets. The biodiversity of flora and fauna is unique in the world in relation to the small area of 83,000 km2.


Unfortunately, for a long time Austria was the country in the EU with the highest annual deforestation rate of 6.9% of the forest. This had to be stopped and alternative concepts and projects brought to life.

In the future, our sustainably managed mixed forests will cover a large part of the demand for construction and furniture wood and at the same time make a concrete contribution to the preservation of original forests in the regions.


The Agrarvis forests are all located within Western Europe - within the EU, mostly on the edge of the Bregenz Forest, in the southwest of Austria, as well as in Scandinavia and Scotland. In our forests, the proportion of deciduous trees is currently >35% on average. The aim is to achieve a ratio of at least 50/50 in the coming years through active conversion to a sustainable mixed forest.


The rest consists of secondary forest, which is left natural and protected. This means real biodiversity. It is already expressed in the fact that rare animal species, some of which are threatened with extinction, find a new habitat here.

All Agrarvis forest areas are managed carefully (well managed) and sustainably (sustainable) according to strict environmental, social and economic criteria.


We also create secure permanent jobs in rural areas with fair wages and the corresponding social benefits. The forestry measures of Agrarvis protect the soil threatened by erosion, serve as a water storage and filter function of the forest, compensate CO2 emissions and create a positive influence on the local and global climate.

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