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Europe's provider for C02 certificate trading as an investment

C02 certificate trading as a long-term and strategic investment

Every living tree absorbs carbon dioxide and gives off oxygen. The hundreds of millions of hectares of forest in Europe can play a key role in combating climate change. The mere fact of deferring harvest time and leaving the trees just one year longer has a powerful additional effect on their ability to sequester carbon.


However, existing carbon offset schemes discourage thousands of forest owners from planting higher carbon forests. The barriers to entry of existing programs leave out smaller landowners (and their countless acres of forest) and pose a major challenge to large-scale climate action.

Until now.

In our field research in the Baltic States and Austria, we came to a clear conclusion: we will only get the forests we want if we carefully analyze the forests and convert them ourselves.


The big goal? A CO2 exchange - open to private investors.


The breakthrough came when we developed a way to acquire suitable land within Europe and optimize and certify it for CO2 emissions trading. Together we can unlock the full carbon potential of Europe's forests by being part of the climate solution. At Agrarvis, we help forests thrive by optimizing benefits and access to carbon reduction incentives. But we cannot do this alone. Join us today to make a positive impact on climate change and make a lasting difference to the future of our planet.


Carbon Certificates Marketplace

We are a marketplace for forest CO2. A market designed by foresters, technologists, scientists and economists to work for every investor. Our approach delivers verified carbon credits for us and our investors.

As a leading provider of high-quality carbon credits, we want to offer our investors economic and ecological added value

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Real impact in the regions you care about

Make an impact in your own environment. Pursue your sustainability goals by investing in regional forests through Agrarvis.

Fighting deforestation to support endangered species. Wood warblers establish themselves in the canopy, and these songbirds are sensitive to forest fragmentation and forest cover reduction. 

Thanks to Agrarvis, larger areas of forest now remain undisturbed, allowing the wood warblers to thrive in smaller habitats and feed on one of their favorite foods.


Through Agrarvis we connect buyers of carbon credits, investors and nature for climate protection. In addition, we generate stable returns for our investors.


Our 3 Pillars

Rooted in forestry for decades, our founders have seen landowners monetize their forests in a single market: the timber industry. That's why we've taken a simple idea to heart: CO2 certificates create additional income.


With data from forestry, economy and geography we have developed Agrarvis: the basis of our CO2 certificate platform. At Agrarvis we help forest owners to market their forests and carbon conscious companies to reach their net zero goals.


The process is simple. The effect is real.


To achieve net-zero emissions by 2050, we all have a role to play. At Agrarvis, we initially postpone the timber harvest, regardless of the size of the plots, so that the trees grow longer. At the same time, we are increasing the number of tradable CO2 certificates as a result of the growing portfolio.​


A CO2 certificate exchange is only as good as its data. That's why we measure every hectare of every property, every year, for every available value. We regularly update the datasets to assess habitat quality and strategies for postponing harvest and timely conversion to sustainable mixed forest with unparalleled precision.​

Agrarvis the CO2 marketplace

We promote trust in our exchange through transparency and scientific know-how. With the help of leading academics and world-class economists, we deliver accurate valuations for our exchange so carbon-conscious companies can buy carbon credits with confidence.​

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